Ivan Ho, DDS, Smile Transformation and Complex Dentistry Specialist

Expert restorative dentist Ivan Ho believed that there is no dental problem in the world that cannot be solved. It’s just that some cases require a higher degree of complex dentistry skills.

Dentistry Impossible – Cosmetic & Restorative Cases

Are there indeed “impossible cases” in dentistry? Complex Dentistry Solutions at Pro Smiles

Having more than thirty years of dental experience, the word “impossible” does not exist in Dr. Ivan Ho’s dictionary. At Pro Smiles, Dr. Ivan Ho and his team treat complex dentistry cases that other dentists consider “impossible”. We treat and care for every patient that walks-in to our office as an individual – and we believe that no two smiles are exactly alike.

How we treat complex dentistry cases and transform flawed smiles into beautiful, perfect smiles.

Most of these “impossible” in many cases often require treatment through no fault of their own. Some people are genetically more prone to developing dental problems. Apart from this, Dr. Ivan Ho also sees “impossible” cases that arise because of accidents that happen suddenly.

These “impossible” cases range from requiring a simple bite adjustment to more complex cases that require full-mouth rehabilitation. But, no need to worry. Dr. Ivan Ho will solve these issues, thanks to his extensive experience in complex dentistry.


Here we illustrate how these situations can develop.

Why “Impossible” Cases Arise?

Complicated dentistry cases generally arise due to one of these reasons:

  • Poor dental treatment
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Allowing problems to persist untreated

Although, whatever the reason behind these “impossible” problems, and no matter how complex your problem is, it can be solved. More importantly, you don’t have to live with pain from dental issues that apparently seem untreatable. We encourage you to book an appointment with Orange County dentist Dr. Ivan Ho if you or someone you know is aesthetic or functional dental problems.