Ivan Ho, DDS, Smile Transformation Specialist

Not happy with the shape of your teeth? Award-winning Cosmetic Dentist Ivan Ho can restore your smile with dental re-contouring.

Cosmetic Re-Contouring and Re-Shaping

Many patients are unhappy with their smile because of their uneven teeth. This unevenness can occur due to a mismatch between the lengths caused by random eruption patterns. Sometimes, it can also occur because of small chips at the edges of the teeth that make them look uneven. Some patients complain of having “vampire teeth” that make them self conscious about speaking or smiling in public. At Pro Smiles Orange County, we have the perfect solution for getting rid of these problems, thanks to dental re-contouring and reshaping.

Re-contouring is a cosmetic procedure in which we will remove the uneven contour of your teeth and restore their optimal shape. Similarly, Dr. Ivan Ho performs cosmetic tooth reshaping to restore the shape of your teeth so that they are in harmony with the shape of your face and the size of your lips. Since we only remove a minimal amount of healthy tooth structure, the teeth don’t become sensitive, and we can complete the procedure without needing a local anesthetic.

Before beginning the cosmetic re-contouring procedure, Dr. Ivan Ho will perform a digital analysis of your smile using state-of-the-art software. Using this software, he will digitally modify the length, the size, and contours of your teeth to develop a smile design plan that offers the best outcome. You can see a digital design of your smile even before he performs the procedure – so that there are no surprises when your treatment is completed. If required, Dr. Ivan Ho will make any structural health adjustments to your smile before starting the procedure. So that you can be assured of a healthy, beautiful, and natural-looking smile makeover. After reshaping the teeth, Dr. Ivan Ho commonly uses bonding on the teeth to maximize the aesthetics and bring the best out of your smile.