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Overbite Correction

An overbite is a condition in which your upper jaw excessively overlaps the lower jaw. While it is common to have a slightly protrusive upper jaw, the excessive overlap may result in aesthetic and functional problems.

If overbite correction recalls the unpleasant prospect of wearing headgear, do not concern yourself. Dr. Ivan Ho offers several options for correcting even serious bite problems using cutting edge, virtually invisible, and comfortable orthodontic appliances.

Dr. Ivan Ho understands the social pressures that younger patients deal with concerning appearance. Therefore, Dr. Ivan exclusively offers various orthodontic options that won’t impact their social activities or cause self-consciousness.


Malocclusions can be corrected at any age.

Adults with an overbite or other alignment issues are often under the false impression that there is an age limit on overbite correction. That’s not true. The fact orthodontists can realign teeth and reposition the jawbones at any age.

While it is generally easier to correct orthodontic problems in younger people while the jaw is still forming, this does not mean that adults cannot get their bite problems fixed. Adult patients can benefit from the expert overbite correction treatment offered at Pro Smiles Orange County. Dr. Ivan Ho frequently sees patients who decide to get their bite problems fixed at a later stage in life; so that they can enjoy social activities with confidence.

Overbite Correction Benefits

Occlusion is a term that describes the alignment of the teeth on when you close your mouth. Overbite is a condition where the upper teeth project over the lower teeth. Overbite is more common than underbite – a situation where the lower teeth protrude excessively beyond the upper teeth.

Besides the aesthetic advantages, there are health benefits to correcting the overbite. Dental hygiene is more natural when you have perfectly aligned teeth and optimally positioned upper and lower jaws. More importantly, chewing efficiency is also increased considerably when the jaws are correctly aligned – assisting in optimal digestion and minimizing the instances of accidental cheek or lip biting while chewing.

Overbite correction methods depend on the degree of malocclusion.

Overbite, underbite, misaligned, or crooked teeth – all these imperfections mainly occur as a result of heredity predisposition. In some cases, bite problems may also arise due to accidents or parafunctional habits such as prolonged thumb sucking or tongue thrusting beyond the age of three.

There are three classes of malocclusion.

Class One

The bite is almost normal, with a slight overlap of the upper teeth.

Class Two 

This refers to the excessive forward positioning of the upper jaw concerning the lower jaw.

Class Three 

A severe underbite where the lower jaw extends excessively beyond the upper jaw. Clinically, the jaw lower face appears more prominent and protrusive.

Depending on the degree of correction, and whether the problem is in the upper or lower jaw, overbite correction may consist of:

  • Braces to reposition the teeth
  • Elastics that Dr. Ivan Ho will strategically place on the braces to reposition the jaw
  • In the case of tooth crowding, removing the premolar or wisdom teeth to create room and align the remaining teeth.
  • Capping or reshaping teeth to cosmetically correct problems related to the bite or excessive teeth gaps.
  • Spring-loaded bite correctors
  • Maxillofacial surgery to reshape or reposition the jaws.

How long will it take to correct my overbite?

The age of the patient and the severity of the underlying problem are the two crucial factors that determine the time required for treatment. If, after the initial consultation, Dr. Ivan Ho recommends traditional braces, younger patients may need to wear the braces for 18 months to 2 years. Adults, on the other hand, can expect to wear braces for up to 3 years. If this time frame seems a bit daunting, we have an option that can accomplish overbite correction in a far lesser timeframe.

Dr. Ivan Ho has developed a process that is more attuned towards his adult clients, that replaces the need for wearing braces – drastically reducing the time needed to correct an overbite. Using premium porcelain veneers and crowns to reshape and recontour teeth, Dr. Ivan Ho restores optimal occlusion and tooth alignment – giving you a naturally beautiful smile and restoring your ability to eat and speak without difficulty. However, not everyone is a candidate for this innovative anti-aging dentistry solution offered at Pro Smiles Orange County; There is a limit to which overbite can be corrected with cosmetic solutions. For more complex cases, Dr. Ivan Ho recommends orthodontic treatment with braces of Invisalign Clear Aligners.

An innovative overbite correction solution

To determine whether you can benefit from his innovative cosmetic solution for an overbite, Dr. Ivan Ho first prepares molds of your teeth by making impressions of your upper and lower teeth. This enables him to create a temporary wax model of veneers and crowns on the mold that will be used to fix it. Once the mock-up is complete, he will evaluate whether the amount of correction needed can be achieved through this method. An additional benefit of this method is that his patients can see what their smile would look like – even before their treatment is started so that they don’t have any surprises when their treatment is completed.

Eligible candidates can expect to enjoy their brand-new smile in a matter of a few weeks, sometimes even less – a very acceptable timeline for busy professionals and entertainment executives.

Find out how Dr. Ivan Ho can help you with your overbite correction needs.

Living with misalignment in the jaws can impact many aspects of life, not just your facial aesthetics. If you have questions about the treatment of Orthodontic problems, for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to make a free evaluation appointment with Dr. Ivan Ho. Visit us at Pro Smiles and find out how Dr. Ivan Ho can help you with his innovative and cutting edge overbite correction methods.