Same-Day Dental Implants Orange County

Ivan Ho, DDS, Smile Transformation Specialist

Many dental implant centers require you to wait for a few months following a tooth extraction before you can get implants. Dr. Ivan Ho understands that patients want quick results – especially the ones who are involved in customer care, teaching, or other businesses that require human interaction. Most patients cannot wait for four to six months before they get their teeth replaced. That is why Dr. Ivan Ho uses advanced dental technology and contemporary clinical skills to make same-day dental implants a reality for his patients in Orange County. In most cases, you can get your missing teeth replaced with implants immediately after tooth extraction.

The technology of Same Day Implants

At Pro Smiles, we take pride in being one of the finest same-day dental implants clinics in Orange County. Here is how we can replace your teeth so quickly:

Step 1: A thorough, private consultation

When you come to our office seeking same-day implants, you will first meet our expert cosmetic dentist Dr. Ivan Ho. Having more than three decades of cosmetic and dental implant experience, Dr. Ivan Ho can handle just about any dental implant case, rapidly and comfortably, utilizing contemporary dental technology and equipment.

During your consultation appointment, Dr. Ivan Ho will perform a detailed examination of your teeth and record your complete dental health history. During the consultation appointment, he will encourage you to explain what it is that you hope to accomplish with the implant procedure. More importantly, he would like to know if you have undergone prior dental implant surgery or other tooth replacement procedures. Dr. Ivan Ho will also review your medical and dental health records. This is to ensure that you are a candidate for Same Day Dental Implants surgery – or whether you require any treatment before your implant surgery.

In addition to performing the clinical examination, Dr. Ivan Ho will also review your x-ray images and tooth models to design a customized treatment plan that results in a pleasing and long-lasting smile.

In addition to Dr. Ivan Ho, we have a team of specialist implant surgeons. They will assist in helping you review your options during the consultation. At Pro Smiles Orange County, we encourage our patients to actively participate in their treatment planning phase. We want to be sure that all of us – most importantly, you – agree on the smile design we have prepared for you before we begin your treatment.

Step 2: We Take 3D X-rays

At Pro Smiles Orange County, we utilize the latest technology to prepare a fully customized treatment plan that caters to your current oral health status and offers the best aesthetic outcome. Therefore, to be sure that we place your implants precisely in the same position and angulation that has been planned, we use the 3D X-rays. This is a revolutionary computerized tomography (CT) based technology that is much smaller than a medical scanner – and provides high-resolution digital scans of the head and the neck region.

You will sit comfortably during the scan, while we obtain the images in less than 14 seconds. The scanner takes 200 individual images that we will process using specialized software, allowing us to visualize 3D sections of your mouth and jaw – from literally any angle. Just to give you an idea, the resolution of the scanner we use at Pro Smiles Orange County is 500% greater than the resolution that can be obtained for a conventional CT scanner. Not only this, but our scanner also reduces the radiation by 95%, which makes them perfectly safe for imaging in the head and the neck region.

How do your doctors use the 3d X-rays images?

Dr. Ivan Ho, our dental implant specialist will use these detailed scans to help plan your procedure. The 3d X-rays gives a three-dimensional view of your head, neck, and jaw so that we can:

  • Evaluate the density and strength of the jawbone where the implant will be placed – that has a direct effect on the success and long-term stability of teeth replaced with dental implants.
  • Anticipate any potential difficulties or problems that could arise during the implant surgery
  • To prepare a surgical “template” that allows Dr. Ivan Ho to place the implants precisely at the predetermined position and angulation.

Step 3: Detailed and coordinated formulation of your exact treatment plan

Dental implants have three parts: a titanium post that is inserted into your jaw and simulates an artificial tooth root; an abutment that connects the implant with the false tooth; and the crown (or any other prosthesis) that will be used for replacing the missing tooth.

To make sure that your Same-Day Implants appear and feel natural, each part of an implant must be carefully designed so that they work in harmony to optimize your facial aesthetics and dental function. The post provides the retention and stability for the crown; Therefore, it needs to be positioned and angulated correctly to support the crown. The abutment must be correctly sized and angled. More importantly, it should be made from high-quality, aesthetic, and durable dental materials that are compatible with your body chemistry. The crown or the artificial teeth – that are the most visible component of the implant – must be manufactured from safe, durable, and natural-looking materials. More importantly, the crown must be shaped according to precise specifications so that it blends in perfectly with the neighboring teeth and allows you to eat and speak without difficulty.

Step 4: Virtual planning of your complete implant surgery

Dr. Ivan Ho believes that an educated patient is a happy patient. That is why, during your consultation appointment, he will walk you through all the steps of your planned procedure and answer your questions. At Pro Smiles Orange County, we go one step further to educate our patients. Our dental implant surgeon will show you digital simulations of all the stages of your procedure on the computer, so that you know exactly what we will be doing, even before starting your treatment.


At this stage, Dr. Ivan Ho will verify that you have enough bone available to support every implant you need. Using 3D x-ray images of your teeth, we will calculate the exact depth to which the implant post should be inserted. For your implant treatment to be successful, the post must be embedded where there is enough bone depth and density available to adequately accommodate and support it.

An implant succeeds when the post bonds to your bone tissue and virtually becomes a part of your body. If there is insufficient depth available, the post will not be placed correctly, causing the implant to become loose or fall out. It can also result in an incorrectly positioned or angled artificial tooth that is painful or has an improper bite.

Previously, placement of dental implants required an oral surgeon to manually estimate bone depth availability – based on conventional x-ray images taken from just a few angles. The implant surgeon would have to expose the underlying bone to make a “spot decision” regarding the depth of the implant, still being uncertain whether he or she was drilling correctly. So, it was mainly based on trial and error. This approach often worked, but with imprecision and imperfection – leading to failed implants or surgeries where the surgeon would realize the implant can’t be placed at all. Even if the implant somehow survived, it would fail to optimally restore the facial aesthetics and smile.

At Pro Smiles Orange County, we use the globally acclaimed Nobel Biocare software that eliminates the guesswork. The software allows us to visualize 3D images of your teeth and jaws. This helps us in preparing an accurate surgical template to precisely place your Same-Day Dental Implant, without any surprises.

Step 5: Preparation in-house for your temporary replacement tooth

While our implant surgeons are planning your surgery, Dr. Ivan Ho will be planning and designing your new crowns. At Pro Smiles Orange County, we use a state-of-the-art computer-aided milling machine that makes durable, color, and size-matched, and aesthetically pleasant porcelain crowns.

After we have placed your implant, we will initially give you temporary crowns for tooth replacement. These crowns will remain while the healing of the implant surgery site takes place, and the titanium post bonds to your jawbone. Don’t worry, your artificial teeth will be as aesthetically pleasing as your porcelain veneers. Most of our patients are amazed at how naturally beautiful their temporary crowns are. Dr. Ivan Ho frequently hears from patients and other practitioners in Orange County that his temporary crowns are more attractive and comfortable than many permanent ones.

  1. Dr. Ivan Ho designs your crown to your precise dimensions using the CEREC computer-aided designing (CAD) system.
  2. We will then send this design to our dedicated dental laboratory, where our master technician will fabricate it with unparalleled precision.
  3. Our master technician will carefully perform any necessary adjustments to ensure the optimal fit and aesthetics of your permanent porcelain crowns.

Step 6: Rapid, precise surgery for rapid healing

One of the most crucial factors that determine the success of implant treatment is the skill and expertise of the oral surgeon performing the procedure. Dr. Ivan Ho is a (master of implantology ) highly qualified, trained, and experienced implant surgeon and will deliver your surgery in our fully equipped operatory – quickly and painlessly. To minimize excessive tissue damage – and to enhance the healing process – we will use a virtually pain-free dental laser to sterilize the region and prevent infection.

Step 7: Immediate placement of your new tooth

After placing the implant and attaching the abutment, Dr. Ivan Ho will carefully place a temporary crown over it. The temporary crown will not only ensure undisturbed healing of the surgical site but will also allow you to smile, speak, and eat normally.

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