Teeth Whitening to Maintain a Bright Smile

Brighten your smile in less than one hour with Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the fastest way to improve your smile and take years off your appearance! Dr. Ivan Ho offers professional teeth whitening in Orange County to remove stains caused by coffee, tea, or tobacco intake. Thanks to professional Zoom whitening, you can get pearly white and sparkling teeth in just one hour!

Zoom! Whitening: Fast, effective and safe

The state-of-the-art whitening procedure at The Pro Smiles Orange County is simple and straightforward. Dr. Ivan Ho will apply the Zoom! Whitening bleaching gel onto your teeth – to prevent accidental bleaching, we will apply cocoa butter or vaseline to your gums, lips, and cheeks. Then Dr. Ivan Ho will use a special Zoom! Light that activates the gel. The bleaching gel releases hydrogen peroxide that penetrates below the tooth surface and removes adherent stains and discoloration. For best results, we will apply the gel on your teeth in 3 sessions – each consisting of about 15 minutes

You will be amazed by the fact that your smile can become eight shades brighter in just one hour. So what are you waiting for, click here to schedule your appointment in Orange County today.

Are you considering a more extensive cosmetic makeover procedure? We recommend teeth whitening as the first step!

If your goal is to get a complete Smile Makeover that may require additional cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers or crowns, Dr. Ivan Ho, teeth whitening dentist recommends having your teeth whitened as the first step in that process.

Why? because when you undergo this whitening treatment before any other cosmetic procedure, your existing teeth become as white as they can get. This is beneficial when we prepare crowns or veneers for you, because they will exactly match your brightest smile – giving you a beautiful and natural smile.

Before and After Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Orange County

Pictures coming soon… This patient had stained teeth that had worn down over time. She wanted a pearly white smile that would make her look younger and prettier. By using a combination of this professional whitening treatment and custom-made porcelain veneers made veneers, Dr. Ivan Ho gave a smile that she had always dreamed of.

Pictures coming soon… This patient had yellow teeth, and a few of them were crooked and uneven. After an examination, Dr. Ivan Ho performed professional dental whitening to lighten the shade of the teeth and restored the damaged teeth with porcelain veneers. The result is a stunning and spectacular smile.

Ready to transform your smile? Schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Dr. Ivan Ho today. During this 41-point, free exam, Dr. Ivan Ho will evaluate your smile and help you select the best possible way to get the smile of your dreams. 

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