Ivan Ho, DDS, Smile Transformation Specialist

Dr. Ivan Ho explains his approach to overbite correction.


Overbite and Underbite Correction

According to Dr. Ivan Ho, Overbite or underbite correction are two of the most common orthodontic problems that he mostly sees at his Orange County office. After spending years perfecting his innovative procedures, Dr. Ivan Ho has now developed a quick, safe, and effective alternative to the standard bite correction options. He offers top-notch overbite and underbite correction without surgery.

It is never too late for overbite correction or underbite correction.

Bite correction can be a time consuming and sometimes painful process. Because of this, many adults continue to live with their alignment problems – not having the time or patience for a two-year correction program with traditional braces or Invisalign aligners. Others think that there is a time limit on correcting misalignment of the bite, mistakenly thinking that correction can only be successful during the earlier years of life.

Dr. Ivan Ho has seen a surge in adult patients coming to him for solutions for overbite correction and underbite correction. One in five orthodontic correction patients that walk into his office are adults seeking treatment of their crooked or misaligned teeth.

Realizing that most adult patients would not agree to the uncomfortable and time-consuming treatment with braces, Dr. Ivan Ho has developed a less invasive and rapid solution that can take years off the process – without the need for surgery or wearing orthodontic appliances. Thanks to this minimally invasive and painless method, adult patients can get rid of bite problems in a matter of weeks!


Advantages of having orthodontic correction

Bite correction is not only crucial for improving facial aesthetics, but it is also essential to ensure your long-term physical well-being and dental health. The overbite and underbite correction procedure essentially aligns the upper and lower jaws to create an even bite that does not excessively stress the jaw joints and the teeth.

Dr. Ivan Ho’s patients who have undergone overbite correction and underbite correction happily report that problems such as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint), jaw dislocation, pain, and the resulting headaches, have resolved.

Additionally, patients with misaligned or crowded teeth, tend to have a higher incidence of tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Orthodontic bite correction has the dual benefit of enhancing the smile and preventing your teeth from permanent damage.

Traditional methods of overbite and underbite correction

Traditional treatment of an overbite or underbite correction with braces usually takes between 2 and 3 years. For more complex cases involving severe misalignment of the jaws, Orthognathic surgery may also be required. Some patients may also require traditional veneers and crowns to get the correct bite and optimal facial aesthetics.

Initially, Dr. Ivan Ho will give braces to his patients for about 12-18 months to non-surgically correct the bite as much as possible – before performing orthognathic surgery to optimally realign the upper and lower jaws. Depending on the case, the procedure would be performed to either bring the upper jaw forward, move the lower jaw backward, and sometimes combine both. The process involves disconnecting the upper jaw from the skull or sectioning the lower jawbone and realigning them with metal plates and/or screws to keep the jaw in the new position and angulation.

Although there is nothing wrong with going about fixing an incorrect bite this way, it is time-consuming, painful, and like any surgery, it carries the possibility of complications such as nausea, post-operative infection, and temporary or permanent numbness of the face due to nerve injury.

Overbite and Underbite Correction Without Surgery

One might consider getting Invisalign Clear Aligners instead of the braces. However, Invisalign alone will not fix an overbite or underbite. Besides, this treatment option is mainly successful for the treatment of mild orthodontic cases – as it cannot be combined with the Orthognathic surgery.

You should also keep in mind that orthodontic treatment only corrects bite problems. If you have discolored or misshaped teeth, straightening them, and/or adjusting the bite will not necessarily fix the cosmetic issues. There would still be some need for recontouring, reshaping, whitening, or even veneers and crowns to get your dream smile.

As an alternative to the traditional orthodontic treatment, you may consider the Anti-Aging Dentistry’s reconstructive procedures offered at Pro Smiles Orange County. In this revolutionary, non-invasive treatment option, Dr. Ivan Ho will use premium, handcrafted porcelain veneers and crowns to give you a naturally beautiful smile – and to reconstruct your bite to a much more comfortable and functionally efficient position.

Countless bite correction procedures without surgery

Dr. Ivan Ho has worked on countless cases to fix incorrect bite problems without surgery. This revolutionary new way of correcting overbites and underbites has saved his patients years of sometimes painful orthodontic work to give them a smile they always dreamed of having without putting a lot of metal in their mouths.

The non-surgical bite correction procedure

Do you wish to get a beautiful smile with Dr. Ivan Ho’s innovative Anti-Aging Dentistry solution for overbite or underbite correction? The process of determining your candidacy is straightforward and easy!

First, Dr. Ivan Ho will make molds and x-ray images of your teeth and carefully examine your case. Afterward, he will ask our Master Technicians to create a temporary wax mock-up of your teeth. The mock-up will also contain the veneers and crowns that will fix your bite problem. If Dr. Ivan Ho is satisfied that veneers and crowns will fix your bite problem, he will move forward with the process. Before you initiate your treatment, we will show you a digital design of how your teeth and smile will look like after completion. So, no surprises in the end.

How long does overbite and underbite correction take?

If Dr. Ivan Ho determines that you are a candidate for this revolutionary reconstructive procedure, then the estimated time required from start to finish is about two weeks for most cases. With the very best in both technology and equipment available at Pro Smiles, you can rest assured that your treatment will be comfortable and painless.

Learn More About Overbite Correction

What is bite correction?

Bite correction is a procedure to fix how the upper and lower teeth fit together when the mouth is closed. When the opposing teeth do not fit together correctly, this condition is known as “malocclusion”. (mal-, from the Latin malus, meaning bad, + occlusion, from the Latin occludere, to occlude or close).

What is an overbite?

Overbite is a condition in which the upper jaw’s teeth protrude over the lower teeth and lip. This condition is clinically visible as an excessively prominent middle third of the face.

What is an underbite?

An underbite is a condition in which the lower jaw protrudes excessively over the upper teeth and lips. The lower third of the face appears more prominently in this case.

Is there an age limit on when an overbite or underbite can be corrected?

No, there is no age limit on when an overbite or underbite can be corrected. Thanks to Dr. Ivan Ho’s extensive clinical skills and the state-of-the-art technology available at Pro Smiles, Overbite, or underbite correction is just as useful for adults as it is for younger patients.

Besides the aesthetic concerns, are there any health issues I should be aware of concerning overbite or underbite?

When a person has an overbite or underbite, the pressure on different parts of the jaw is not evenly distributed. The resultant excessive wear causes premature failure of some teeth and restorations. Besides, it can also lead to the development of temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). This condition arises when the temporomandibular joints – that connect the lower jaw to the skull on either side of the mouth – go out of alignment. TMJ misalignment can result in jaw pain, headaches, earaches, clicking and popping, and several other symptoms.


Will I need surgery to fix an overbite or underbite?


Traditional treatment options for underbite or overbite correction usually involve wearing braces for a period of 12 to 18 months. After treatment with braces, if Dr. Ivan Ho feels that your problem has not been completely fixed, he may recommend orthognathic surgery to realign the jaws.

Is there a non-surgical option for correcting overbite or underbite?

Yes. Dr. Ivan Ho offers a revolutionary new non-surgical approach to overbite and underbite correction.

How do I know if I am a candidate for a non-surgical approach?

Based on a mold of your bite, Dr. Ivan Ho and his team of Master Technicians will create a temporary wax mock-up of crowns and veneers. Dr. Ivan Ho will then carefully analyze the wax mock-up to determine whether his non-surgical treatment would offer a permanent solution for your problem.