Dr. Ho uses the bonding resin like a sculptor uses clay, to perfectly sculpt natural, lasting and beautiful smiles from cracked and chipped teeth. No matter what your cosmetic concern, we can help you enhance your smile. Call Pro Smiles OC today at 949-880-6638 and schedule an appointment with our dentist and let us give you a smile that you have always dreamed of with dental bonding in Laguna Hills, California.
In preparation for the summer, our suave patient, Chett, was ready for a new look! He was unsatisfied with how small and crooked his teeth looked. With his artistic ability and skill in dentistry, Dr. Ho transformed Chett’s smile with porcelain veneers and zirconia crowns for a whiter, brighter, Hollywood glowing smile! Safe to say, he will be smiling all summer long with his newly found confidence!
Our gorgeous patient, Jessica, didn’t like the crookedness or shape of her teeth. While she was offered clear aligners and orthodontic treatment to straighten out her teeth, it would not have given her the Hollywood smile she wanted. With a complete set of upper and lower porcelain veneers, we conservatively delivered a whiter, radiant smile with her desired shape for each tooth. Her bubbly personality shone even brighter through her brand new smile!
A smile speaks a thousand words. Imperfection or dissatisfaction with a smile can significantly affect one’s ability to smile to the full extent. A crooked smile, chipped tooth, or tooth discoloration- are just a few reasons that hinder one’s potential. Our beautiful patient was hiding her smile due to tooth discoloration. However, look at how radiant this smile is through cosmetic veneers! Not only does it help her smile more, but it also helps her regain her confidence and boost her self-esteem!
This lovable grandmother was experiencing discoloration on her old metal crowns. We helped repair her old crowns and replace them with new high aesthetic porcelain crowns. This restoration shocked her husband of 40 years because he believed she had a facelift! Her new smile allows her to look younger than ever! Notice how her smile brightens up!
This handsome man came in for a veneer consult. He is a prominent public speaker and wanted to eliminate his underbite, as well as have a bigger and whiter smile with no gaps. We gave him a set of 20 porcelain veneers for a full mouth cosmetic makeover. His confidence beamed through his new smile, ready to speak with a powerful energy.
The result of staining or darkening teeth can lower one’s self ability to smile. Our patient was not going to let it stop her, and she was ready to take on a new set of teeth. She chose her desired smile and chose the shade she wanted. Her teeth are now so vibrant. They’re blinding!
Due to severe gum disease, we have extracted Mr. Lee’s 25 teeth! Yes, you’ve read that right, a total of 25 teeth! Mr. Lee was experiencing severe gum disease, bone loss, difficulty eating, and constant infection resulting in pain and lack of energy. Our main goal of treatment was to eliminate his conditions and deliver a complete set of upper and lower teeth with 11 implants. He scheduled his oral surgery in the morning and was able to leave the same afternoon. They call them immediate teeth for nothing! Not only was he able to restore his oral health, but his new smile brought out his youthfulness.
Sometimes, even the most minute detail adjustments can make a huge difference aesthetically! The circled part of the image shows a chipped part of the tooth. Although small, it is an imperfection that bothered our patient. With precision, Dr. Ho could contour the area just enough to shape the tooth in pristine condition. It helped smooth out the sharp edges of the two teeth for a more natural-like appearance.
Various reasons can cause tooth discoloration. The two most common culprits are tea and coffee but don’t underestimate the staining power of some red wines or curry! People tend to lean towards at-home whitening strips, but at most, it can only be lightened by one shade. Our in-house whitening gels show you immediate results by lightening the teeth up to several shades in only a single session!
This gorgeous smile is another one of our patient’s life-changing cases! Seeing the shift in Kelsie’s attitude and confidence after delivering her veneers is always the most rewarding part of a smile design. We feel accomplished once we see our patients smile. Every smile design differs, from the number to the shape and size! For Kelsie’s case, we deliver six upper porcelain veneers. It only takes six upper veneers to bring out the full potential of her incredible smile!
Getting a cleaning twice a year is crucial for oral health! The arrows are pointing at 3 areas showing tartar buildup. Tartar is the hard calcified deposits that coat the teeth and gums which is formed when the naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth mix with remnants of food particles to form a sticky film known as plaque. When left untreated, it hardens and discolors forming tartar! Once tartar is formed, regular brushing can’t remove it and only a professional dental cleaning can.
Here, you are looking at the lingual (tongue) side of the lower arch. It is difficult to brush this area as efficiently as brushing the facial side of our teeth. What you see here is tartar, a result of hardened plaque. Plaque can harden to tartar in a matter of hours, which emphasizes the importance of brushing and flossing your teeth daily! Our wonderful hygienist, Sarva, did a great job in cleaning this patient’s teeth, leaving her with no more tartar.
With tartar buildup so close to the gumline, a little bit of bleeding after a thorough cleaning is normal. It means we’re getting in there and cleaning the gums, preventing infection. You read that right! Tartar allows bacteria to invade the area around the teeth and gums, which can easily cause an infection and if not treated early enough, could enter your bloodstream and infect other systemic areas of the body.
Gum recession is a common result of untreated dental plaque buildup, periodontal disease, excessive clenching and grinding, or even brushing too hard and aggressively! Up until recently, recession was treated through gum grafting, which involves the surgical removal and use of tissue from the hard palate (roof of the mouth), or an artificial membrane covering of the root. Recovery time was long, uncomfortable, and often painful. Now, with the Pinhole Procedure, gum recession is treated through a tiny pinhole! This pinhole made in the gum allows the doctor to stretch the gum over the exposed part of the root. Recovery time is short and we are happy to say all our patients report an experience of little to no pain during or after the procedure! The results have been amazing.